Computing-Integrated Teacher Education at the City University of New York

Fall 2022

Fall 2022 PD Recordings and Resources

Fall Faculty Professional Learning Goals

  • Continued community building among participants in the CITE initiative
  • Continued faculty growth around to problems of practice related to computing/digital literacies integration, equity lenses
  • Support pilot implementation with fluid/just-in-time feedback and opportunities to connect
  • Prepare for a strategic planning process that will support colleges to think about program/college visions for CITE integration, learning goals, scopes and sequence
  • Support deployment of six credit course sequences for DOE teachers

Faculty Professional Learning Structures

CUNY CITE prioritizes supporting faculty to integrate computing iteratively using cycles of data collection, feedback, analysis, learning, discussion and redesign that center their own, their learners’, and their program’s needs. To support this iterative approach during the academic year while balancing faculty’s workloads and schedules, we will program the following supports:

  1. Monthly 60 min plenary events – of general interest to all community members
    1. Focus on information sharing and preparing for research and strategic planning
  2. A series of thematic workshops – to support your implementation of artifacts and continued growth around differentiated themes
    1. We will use a document analysis of faculty’s initial computing-integrated artifacts to help us suggest group themes and members.
    2. These will not introduce new information, so much as they will provide faculty with opportunities to workshop materials they have already created and plan to implement with students.
    3. These will be recorded and posted on our website.
  3. Office Hours with the CITE Team – The CITE team has reviewed all of the artifacts submitted by faculty and can provide faculty with ideas and feedback. If they would like this feedback, or to discuss any other matters related to implementation of teaching artifacts, they can schedule office hours with the CITE team here


We will track attendance of the faculty who participate in the optional workshops. Faculty get additional summer salary in 2023 which will be calculated according to your rate.

Faculty presenting at or facilitating workshops will be given an additional one hour of summer salary to prepare these sessions.