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Review the CITE research team members’ respective specialties and availabilities below. Then, use the appointments feature to schedule a consultation with one of us!

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Anne Drew Hu: Available Tuesdays from 1PM-5PM and Fridays from 9AM-1PM.

  • Any kind of programming
  • Computing & society (e.g. ethics, interdisciplinary CS)
  • Physical computing (e.g. Arduino, RaspberryPi, 3D printing)
  • Game design & programming

Olamide Ogungbemi: Available Monday and Wednesday mornings.

  • Digital literacy education
  • Digital storytelling with Scratch (open to exploring other tools)
  • Teachers’ professional development
  • Gamification/Game design – (More of an interest than expertise)
  • Culturally responsive pedagogies

Meg Ray: Available Thursdays at 11AM.

  • Universal Design for Learning
  • Special Education w/ a Disability Studies lens, esp. youth labeled EBD
  • Pre-service teacher preparation
  • Coaching and Teacher Professional Development
  • Mixed-methods research implementation
  • Software Engineering & Game Development, especially Python, Processing, JavaScript, HTML/CSS
  • Design Thinking
  • Forum Theater/Theatre of the Oppressed/Theater for education & activism
  • LGBTQIA+ Activism & Youth Advocacy

Sara Vogel: Available to have a weekly office hour Tuesday and Wednesday mornings from 9AM-10AM

  • Listening and being a sounding board (in general)
  • CS/CT educational research design
  • Multilingual learners and CS/digital literacies education
  • Equity-related teacher professional development
  • Foundations, Methods, and Student Teaching (TESOL, bilingual ed [Spanish/English], literacy)
  • Late elementary through middle school-level applications of computing
  • Digital storytelling with Scratch, Twine, Taleblazer and other platforms
  • Game design pedagogy
  • CODAP and data analysis (basic)

Anthony Wheeler: Available to have a weekly office hour Friday mornings between 9AM-10AM.

  • Digital Humanities 
  • Secondary and Post-Secondary Education in English & Communications
  • Culturally sustaining digital pedagogies
  • Digital storytelling via multiple platforms (StoryMaps, Twine, and others)
  • Student data privacy, surveillance, and digital ethics
  • Open educational resources (OER)/open digital tools
  • Gamification/Game Design/Game Studies
  • Data visualizations (skilled with Tableu) 

Aman Yadav: Available to have a weekly office hour Tuesdays from 1PM-2PM or Fridays from 2PM-3PM.

  • Education technology applications in teacher education and K-12
  • Computational thinking in teacher education across the disciplines
  • Programming (including with Scratch)
  • Modeling with Starlogo Nova / Netlogo

Aankit Patel: Available to have a weekly office hour Tuesday and/or Thursday mornings.

  • Listening and being a sounding board (in general)
  • Resourceful use/repurposing of tools to meet desired learning/activity objectives
  • Programming
  • Computing & Society
  • Data engineering and analysis with various tools (advanced – mapping, viz, open data, cleaning data, etc.)
  • Physical computing
  • Project level questions
Tom Lynch Portrait

Tom Lynch: Available to have a weekly office hour on Mondays from 3PM-4PM.

  • New literacies
  • Digital learning
  • Teaching literature
  • K-12 computer science education
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