Computing-Integrated Teacher Education at the City University of New York

Promote students’ safety and health online

Artifacts in this area could support teacher candidates to teach and learn…


  • Discuss the risks and benefits of online community participation (especially for students embodying different identities)


  • Feel prepared to mediate or resolve challenges (e.g cyberbullying, navigating unsafe corners of the internet) as they come up
  • Design and implement strategies that support safety and security of digital information, personal identity, property, and physical and mental health when operating in the digital world.


  • Support students to mediate or resolve challenges related to participation in online / computing cultures
  • Support students to express themselves about the challenges and rewards of online community participation 
  • Have students tell stories about their participation in online communities


  • Support students to evaluate the communities they come across online, and decide which to participate in and which to avoid

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