Computing-Integrated Teacher Education at the City University of New York

Digital Activism / Civics

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The Premise



Courses that would lend themselves to this integration


Potential Conversations and Activities

Teaching in this area could support teacher candidates to teach and learn…

About computing/tech
  • Analyze the ways that social media platforms shape social movements and messages, potentially promoting more equity and social justice as well as harm
With computing/tech
  • Use social media and other platforms to share their opinions about issues in education, the community and the world 

  • Code artifacts (webpages, apps, etc) to advocate for causes in education, the community and the world 

  • Use digital campaigns and artifacts as texts to learn more about social movements and activism

Through computing/tech
  • Support students to use ready-made technologies to express themselves on issues they care about.

  • Support students to code artifacts to express themselves on issues they care about. 

Against computing/tech
  • Advocate against the use of tools that devalue their students’ practices or encourage harms like privacy incursion, surveillance, and so on. 

Summer 2022 Professional Development Workshops Related to Digital Storytelling

  • Wednesday, July 13, 2-4pm, Privacy and Pedagogy: Resisting Data Collection and Algorithmic Biases, Hosted by Junior Tidal
  • Wednesday, July 27, 10am-12pm, Civic Engagement in the Digital Age: Common Sense Resources, Hosted by Tali Horowitz

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