Computing-Integrated Teacher Education at the City University of New York

7/7: Artifact Design Kickoff

Next Steps:

  • By 8/7
    • Attend at least 2 workshops related to topics of your interest and to your artifact in progress. Registration Link
    • Design your CITE artifact.
      • Guidelines here, REVISED to include specific elements you’ll need to include
    • Submit a draft of your artifact in your college folder, linked here.
    • Sign up here for a timeslot to share your work at the August PD. Plan to share for about 5 minutes about the core elements of your work, as described in the guidelines. We are aiming for no more than three people signing up to share in one given time slot.
      • Wait, how do I sign up? To sign up put an X by in the row with your name in columns F, G, H, and/or I of the linked Design Teams sheet to designate your preference. You may indicate multiple time slots.
      • What if I want to present two artifacts or my artifact is a series of integrations in a full course? We would prefer if you are able to share one component artifact of a larger course integration or in the case of having two distinct artifacts to share, add two X’s (XX) in the time slot.
      • What if I am collaborating on an artifact with another faculty member? Feel free to present together or separately. If you present together, one person should indicate a time preference. If you present separately, all presenting team members should indicate preferences.
  • Supports available
  • Mark your calendar for our August PD dates and times, invites forthcoming.