Computing-Integrated Teacher Education at the City University of New York

6/27: Exploring Computing Integration

If you missed this session…

  1. Watch the recording (check your email for a link)
  2. Reflect on how/why you and your colleagues value computing in teacher education
  3. Read your colleagues thoughts about how the values listed on this Padlet connect to their work and add your own.
  4. Review the CITE Framework here – reflect on the components of the framework – definitions of computing, dimensions of teacher preparation, and the larger initiative values.
  5. Explore the example of computing integrations shared on this Padlet. This is a broad map of potential computing integrations, some with links to resources in our framework or from other sources. Like ones that resonate with you and share your own thoughts with comments.
  6. Finally, find your College Artifact Planning spreadsheet in this document and add some ideas you have for computing integrations. Try not to filter your ideas at this stage – think broadly, laterally, weirdly. You will see your colleagues thoughts there too, so read what they have entered!