Computing-Integrated Teacher Education at the City University of New York

6/28: Remixing and Planning

If you missed this session…

  1. Watch the recording (check your email for a link)
  2. Choose a subject – Math (slide 8), Music (slide 9), and ELA (slide 10) – and try “remixing” the Scratch project linked in the title of the slide. Need help with Scratch? Below are some highly viewed YouTube videos on the basics, but you can use your favorite search engine to find videos that meet your needs!
    1. Setting up an account
    2. Remixing a Scratch project
    3. Basics of Scratch
  3. Take your time with number 1! It’s OK to be frustrated and confused, that is a typical response to learning new technologies. Of course, if you don’t feel this work has any relevance, feel free to jump to four.
  4. Really take your time with number 1! Hopefully you start having fun, trying to figure out how to make that one thing you want to happen work right.
  5. Use this document to find your College Artifact Planning spreadsheet and one tab 2. Design Goals, reflect on the questions below:
    1. What are important variations to consider among them (e.g. associates / undergrad / grad / in-service / pre-service)?
    2. What are typically strengths? (In general? Vis a vis computing & tech literacies?)
      1. Do you know enough? If not, what could you design to find out?
    3. What challenges are/might they face in the field?
      1. Do you know enough? If not, what could you design to find out?
    4. What opportunities might exist to build on their strengths and support them with challenges?
  6. Review the Artifact Design Task here. Our goal for this summer is to help everyone design a prototype artifact by 8/8 when we convene for another week of PD. During those sessions we will seek to give each other feedback, think about how we may collect feedback from students, and make plans to pilot in the fall!