Computing-Integrated Teacher Education at the City University of New York

6/29: Research Agenda, Design Teams, Returning to Equity

If you missed this session…

  1. Watch the video (check your email for a link)
  2. Review the CITE team’s lines of inquiry, specifically focusing on the Pre-Service Education strand
  3. Review the research questions your colleagues have started asking on this Padlet
  4. Explore the Design Toolkits that will be a resource to you as you build your own computing artifacts. These are not templates for what artifacts should be, but sources of inspiration and information. There are only 7 now, but we will create more and ask you to contribute your own.
  5. If you haven’t completed this survey sharing your rough ideas for computing-integrated artifacts, please do so now.
  6. Using the survey above, we put folks into “Design Teams”, see this sheet here. Design Teams are centered around interest in computing integration. The Design Teams sheet contains participants survey responses so you can learn more about their integration ideas. If you are interested in joining a specific team, please email Aankit Patel.
  7. Read the Power On! Excerpt
  8. Watch the video from the author’s Drs. Margolis and Ryoo
  9. Complete the book club mailing address form if you haven’t already.